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Monday, September 5, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Hi everyone!

After a great trip to Vegas, and TONS of surprises, I am finally home. The trip was absolutely spectacular - the lights, Phantom, Downtown, hotels, food, people, everything! I landed on Friday, but worked the weekend and had special events to attend. It's been go, go, go, and now school starts tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a good night's rest after about a week of lack of sleep.

So enough about all that, onto some crafting stuff! On my trip I was able to pick up quite a few crafting items, and the weeks leading up and days after my trip I've been getting in lots of crafty retail therapy -- we can never get quite enough of that now can we? Here's a few pictures of the goodies I got and I intend to film a video for you guys cuz photos don't do enough justice!! The papers in the stacks are so beautiful! Enjoy!

So here's ten paper stacks I've accumulated in the past two weeks...haha, bad I know but I can't get enough of paper!!!

And here's the other miscellaneous items I purchased from Michaels, JoAnns, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, TJ Max, and a few items are from Canadian dollar stores. It's difficult to see, so a video is definitely needed!

And my boyfriend got me these two little guys from the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas. I fell in love with them the moment I spotted them. They're "Beanie Ballz" -- there was an adorable penguin one in the store as well!! These would be great for kids!

The bumblebee's back is striped, and the ladybug's back is spotted just the way they should be! :)

I'll be back real soon with a project! I've missed all of you, and I've missed crafting! Hopefully I'll find time with school and all!

Until next time's treasures,
Tracey xox


  1. Tracey, Happy 21st! Thanks for your sweet comment and following me. I'm enjoying participating and getting to meet so many new friends. I am a new follower of yours too:)

  2. OOOO, yummy! I love new paper!


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