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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Custom Cozy

Good morning everyone!

I just went back to school this week after a much needed "reading week," which was five days off from school. I wanted to do some crafting over that period but I had school work and other priorities. :( I was hoping to participate in a few of the challenges last week, but maybe at the end of this week I can make some time to craft.  

So today the mailman finally brought me my custom cozy! I got in touch with Kathy from back in January to custom design my very own cozy for my Expression. My Expression was definitely in need of a pretty cozy! For my craft room in the future, I want it to be black, white, and raspberry coloured so those were the colours I chose for my cozy! Isn't it just beautiful?

Kathy makes beautiful covers for Cricut Expressions, the baby bugs, gypsys, Imagines, iPads, you name it, and she can make it for you! It was super easy to get in touch with her, and she's super open to new ideas and suggestions to customize a cozy that is just right for YOU! So if you want a cover to keep your items nice and cozy, or to keep the dust bunnies out, contact Kathy at

Until next time's treasures!
Tracey xox


  1. CUTE blog!!Your cover is adorable. I'm a new follower and would LOVE if you came to visit me. :)


  2. Don't you just LOVE Kathy's amazing work??!!
    I too am a proud owner of a cozy =)
    I love the pattern! Super cute yet elegant.


Thanks for the love! I read and appreciate all your comments since we all need love from time to love! Much love to you! <3